Digital Identity As Currency




A digital identity is a valuable object and should be treated like currency and can be applied to a person, a physical object or a piece of data


In today's hyper connected world, a digital identity is a key to an array of different services, applications and products. From purchasing and retail, through to social media and government interactions, a digital identity is a powerful object that should be protected and valued.


Digital identity misuse and abuse is difficult to prevent, but is even more difficult to recover from. Appropriate controls should be applied to manage the issuance, verification and deprovisioniong of any identity related object.




The concept of an identity is not just limited to a physical person. Identities can be applied to physical objects too such as cars, wearables or smart-TVs in the consumer world, or lower level devices used in operational technology or manufacturing environments. Each device can have its own provisioning, authentication, authorization and deprovisioning flows that are all tied to a single unique identity.

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