A Container for Multiple Attributes





A digital identity can be made up of multiple attributes from different sources, but must contain at least one unique attribute for each specific domain the identity operates in


An identity is more than just a single attribute and password. It will bring together data from a multitude of different sources, either to create a single value based meta-object, or an object with references and links to other data sources. Those sources could be static - like profile stores or preferences databases - right through to more dynamic information such as risk profiles, usage or purchase history.


Data can be correlated using single or multiple attributes to provide run time or static links and references. How that data is stored is down to the specific implementation, but the standard rules of confidentiality, integrity and availability should apply.


Data where possible should not be repeated or synchronised unnecessarily.


It is likely the core identity will contain "just-enough-information-to-authenticate", with references made to external systems via pointers where necessary for other functions such as authorization and analytics.


That additional information, above and beyond being to able to authenticate the identity, can be leveraged at authorization time to make more informed decisions and deliver a more personalised user experience.













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