Persona Representation




An identity could be represented by many different persona's, where a persona is a collection or subset of attributes, bound to a single identity by a shared attribute, with a persona potentially represented by a device


Identities are likely to be containers for multiple attributes - with data possibly coming from different sources or different operational domains, which may require separation. Data should be given the opportunity to be containerized and to uphold an environment where data pollution cannot occur.




In the physical world, a person will have different interactions with different government bodies, private entities, people, services and suppliers. Information provided to a doctor will be very different to data provided to LinkedIn, which in turn will be different to information provided to personal friends and familar. All data however, could be owned and reconciled to the same owner and unique identity.


Persona's can help represent an identity into different contexts to either the same or different service providers.


A persona could also be held by a physical device, representing an identity. For example, a piece of wearable technology may collect and aggregate bodily observations such as heart rate, pulse and temperature for an individual, sending that data to an authorized cloud API or service for analysis. The data represents a subset of the entire identity, with the wearable having the necessary permissions to act on the individuals behalf to process and represent that data.





























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